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Cooking Upstream

Vibrant colored pink and orange and full of Omega 3’s, I see gorgeous salmon deliciously making their way from my kitchen to you, catered, butler passed, plated or buffet. This is salmon, my favorite fish. You may not know a lot about this beautiful species or how to best prepare it. So, let me fill you in.

Most salmon are anadromous fish, meaning they are born in freshwater rivers or streams, then journey to the sea and live in saltwater. Traveling far distances to return home to the very same freshwater they were born in to spawn.

I have witnessed, in Southeast Alaska, the colored streams overflowing with spawning salmon. Their bellies up, jumping over each other while narrowly escaping a hungry bear's reach. I’ve seen that too! Most young salmon are pale colored and spotted, not the prettiest of species, but during their adult years in the ocean, they turn a shimmering silvery blue and then, as they are spawning, they turn a brilliant orange red while their heads become a turquoise green.

This anadromous fish, skin on or skin off, fillet or whole side, wild caught or farm raised, sustainable, line caught, Atlantic or Pacific can be prepared in a plethora of ways with as many luscious marinades, dredges, dips and sauces. These are my specialties.

Poached, in olive oil, in red or white wine, baked cedar planked with a balsamic glaze, crispy tempura dips into a ponzu sauce, pan seared in brown butter with crispy capers, cold or hot, smoked, speckled with everything spice, sashimi rolled in seaweed or mounted atop sushi rice, barbecued, charred, herb and lemon grilled or N'awlins blackened, and as the French serve white gloved en papillote. It’s all delicious!

I prefer my salmon cooked 110-125 F, medium rare. The meat is opaque, but still juicy and moist. And my favorite preparation, well, I have three, Five Spiced Salmon with Thai Orange Sauce, Salmon Provençal and Cedar Plank Balsamic Glazed.

What is your salmon recipe preference?

Plank Salmon by Lenore's Catering
Lenore's Catering Salmon Dish

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