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2019 Food Trends

We're skinnying down while eating more fat!

Phat fats! Keto, paleo, grain-free, and even 'pegan' (paleo + vegan) diets are helping to get people to add more fat to their meals. The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that "new integrations of fat sources like keto-friendly nutrition bars crafted with MCT oil powder, a super fuel for your cells, boosts fat burning and increased mental clarity.” Who knew?

“Dark restaurants” and "dark supermarkets” are popping up to feed the demand for eating at home. Restaurant delivery like Deliveroo, GrubHub, UberEats and Just Eats are booming by providing homebodies with real restaurant variety without the environment of physical customers. This all adds up to more bang for the buck while eating in our living rooms.

Jump on the hummus garbanzo bean is safe! Let's dip into Chocolate Hummus, Mint Hummus, Edamame Hummus, Black Bean and Turmeric Hummus. Dip it with a chip, eat it with your favorite vegetables or smear it atop a juicy grilled Angus burger. Anyway you like it!

Presenting, still, the Avocado Toast. Just a few years ago, avocado was a hippie food, served with the obligatory mound of sprouts. Surprisingly and artfully arranged on crisp artisan breads, now foodie celebrities are posting pictures of the mashed concoction on Instagram with an eclectic variety of fusions.

The “Tacro” (croissant taco) created at Vive La Tarte, one of my favorite San Francisco bakeries, debuted its ingenuity with three versions: pulled pork with pineapple, chicken with avocado, and barbecue jackfruit.

Breakfast, absolutely! If you're looking for more than just a head of celery in the juicer, and I am, try the ultimate. My first bite of the “Sabich” (a Middle Eastern breakfast sandwich) was so good I started making it for dinner; eggs for protein, fried eggplant for richness, chopped veggies for freshness and amba (mango sauce) for a punch of sweet-and-sour. It all comes together in a warm pita, the perfect on-the-go meal to fuel your day.

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