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Foodie Fun For February!

February is the sweetest month and always filled with unique foodie holidays!

On February 2nd we’ll celebrate “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Month,” and I will do so with an oozing scoop of Häagen-Dazs Coffee Bean plus a shot of Nespresso; or perhaps I’ll get doubly decadent with my favorite frozen dessert, Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream, an ice cream cocktail perfect for breakfast!

February is also National Cherry Month, so we’ll pay special homage to George Washington with ripe red cherries! I’ll search for them as the prime ingredient in my “best cherry pie” recipe. This is the finest pie you've ever tasted, a pie aptly named Cherry Cherry. Oh, and my baked creation is pure ambrosia, served hot or cold, especially with a dollop of sweet Vanilla Bean Cream dropped on top.

February 14th, Saint Valentine's Day, is the sweetest day of the year! Heart-shaped double chocolate brownies, wrapped and ribboned, can be delivered to your sweetie’s door, or learn to cook a romantic dinner together at my place with the one you love. My hands-on classes ensure that “couples who cook together, stay together.“

Feb 19th is National Chocolate Mint Day, and what better way to say “I do” than to say “yes” to Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies? Inquiring minds want to know how I infuse the flavor of mint into this concoction.

On February 20th (Cherry Pie Day), come over to my place on the Galt Ocean Mile, don an apron between 11am and 2pm, and celebrate Great American Pie Month. With a delectable dough already prepared, you’ll mix the filling and spoon it into a sweet crust, then drizzle with buttery turbinado sugar. Into the oven she goes! We’ll bake her to perfection as you enjoy a light lunch and cool beverage.

National Grapefruit Month (February) brings flavors and fragrances of grapefruit. For brunch I’ll be serving Grapefruit Mimosas, ethereal cream biscuits with Candied Red Grapefruit Jam Butter, Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake and Bruleed Grapefruit. I tip my whisk to Martha Stewart and to one of my favorite desserts Grapefruit Ginger Souffle. The combination of spicy ginger and grapefruit bite, softened by sugar, is simply divine!

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