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Summer Travel and Foodie Destinations

Summer means travel and travel means food! Live to Travel, Love to Eat? Yes! I do, too!

If you’re embarking on a summer of travel destinations, know that there’s nothing wrong with planning your getaway around food and restaurants. I have made a habit of seeking out my favorite foods, researching chefs and savoring restaurant menus long before I book a flight or chart a course.

Be adventurous. You didn’t travel that far to eat the same food you do at home!

At Lenore’s, in my "Live 2 Travel, Love 2 Eat" monthly pop-up dinner series, I take you to my favorite destination cities and recreate the recipes from my favorite restaurants there. You don’t need a passport or to pack a bag, just a reservation.

So here we go, in no order, to some of my favorite destinations highlighted with the menu items I love best, all featured in my popular pop-up here in Fort Lauderdale.

New Orleans! Where do I go for Chargrilled Oysters? Bivalve lovers, like me, name Drago's Seafood Restaurant! There, the sweetest oysters are grilled to perfection, then bathed in olive oil, butter and garlic.

Seattle! There are lots of choices in the Pacific Northwest, and I should know, having had a restaurant there, but where do I go for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine? Wild Ginger at Pikes Market. They claim and promise that 2,500 years goes into each dish. My favorites are Siam Lettuce Cups with seared sea bass and Nam's Lamb Chops, marinated in Cognac and Szechuan peppercorns, deliciously paired with the Thai Chili Margarita, spicy, sweet and icy cold.

Fried Chicken in San Francisco? You betcha! At Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern, I've tasted the best! It’s buttery and tender from the 24-hour buttermilk soaking and crispy from the selection of coating flours! Wow!

I love Napa Valley towards the end of summer, just before crush. The excitement and aromas of the ripened grapes are intoxicating. You can be sure I make my way to Cindy Pawlcyn's Deluxe Truck Stop, Mustards Grill, and wouldn't miss the Grilled Castroville Artichoke and Tarragon Aioli or their thin Crispy Onion Strings.

Our destination for June is Charleston, South Carolina, where Michelin-inspired cuisine and unforgettable hospitality are the area’s fare. Come visit Charleston with us on June 22nd here at Lenore’s on the Galt where we're offering a four-course dinner for just $22. Call 954-491-2340 for reservations.

Check back soon for these recipes to appear here in my blog!

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