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Summertime and the Livin’ is Grillin’!

Whether you’re grilling on a guaranteed-for-life Weber, top-of-the line DCS, the cult-followed Big Green Egg or a simple in-your-kitchen George Foreman, summer is about grilling!

And now for what grilling is all about…the food!

Everyone’s favorite: Steak! Not your usual strip, loin or ribeye, but flavorful, textured, fibrous, fast-cooking steaks that make the cut above the rest! Hanger Steak, Skirt Steak, Flank Steak and delicious crossover sauces like Charred Green Onion Sauce, Blistered Tomato Sauce and Mango Pepper Jelly Glaze. Cook steak directly over high heat to sear, turning once. Don’t flip and flop! Move it with a spatula or tong, never with a fork, to a cooler spot to finish. Enjoy a glass of wine while you and your steak rest! Resting off the heat insures the flavoring juices remain in the meat and not on the cutting board.

Fish on the Grill? Absolutely! Firm, thick-cut Swordfish and Salmon can handle being cooked over medium high heat like steaks. Whole fish like Black Sea Bass and head on Snapper flip over easily with quick-handed confidence and two large spatulas! Do not overcook! Fish cooks quickly and as it is resting it will continue to cook. I love simple sauces and salad toppings with fish. Charred Citrus and Cucumber Salad, Grilled Corn and Tequila Lime Agave Salad, Grilled Pineapple, Peach and Red Onion Vinaigrette are all easily prepared, and rated 5 stars.

Summer fruits and vegetables like Grilled Sweet Bell Peppers with Mint and and Grilled Pineapple Avocado Salsa, is it a salad or a topping? Two of my favorites are Grilled Halloumi, Green Beans, Citrus and Beets or Grilled Artichokes, Goat Cheese and Crispy Caper Vinaigrette, both can be a complete meal served with a loaf of chewy ciabatta.

Stay tuned for these recipes here in my foodie blog!

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